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The recreation committee is run exclusively by volunteers, from the directors, to the coaches, to clerical assistants. To run any one of the programs takes close to 200 volunteers. We hope you'll be one of them so that we can continue to provide sports programs for your children. Here are some of the ways that you can help.

  • Team Parent
  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach 
  • League Head  
  • Commissioner 
  • Referees and Officials
  • Sponsor 
  • Other Opportunities 


Being a Team Parent is the easiest way for you to help your child have the best experience with the sport. The Team Parent helps the Coach with administrative items such as making phone calls to team members, coordinating who is to bring half-time snacks, etc.

To volunteer to be a team parent, simply check the appropriate box on your child's registration form.


As the team's coach, you are responsible for the team. You set up and run practices and manage the team during games. It will be up to you to see that each child has an enjoyable experience and to set the standard for sportsmanship. You will need to distribute uniforms, schedules, pictures, and trophies. You will also participate in drafting the teams with the other coaches and league head. You will always be the coach of your child's team.

Rec coaches are required to take the Rutger's Certification Course which is offered in town periodically, lasts only a few hours, and is a lecture-style course. In addition, coaching clinics are often provided at the begining of the season to give you a review of the game and some coaching ideas. There is also a vast array of information on the Internet, not to mention books and videos. Because this is a recreational program and the kids primarily play to have fun, a detailed knowledge of the game is not necessary. If you are new to the game and to coaching, you might want to start as an assistant coach.

Since you are responsible for the team and occasionally an injury may occur, you may need to administer first aid and decide when to call EMS. Basic first aid is one of the topics covered in the Coach's Certification Course.

To volunteer to be a coach, simply check the appropriate box on your child's registration form. Please note that all coaches must abide by our background check policy.

The requirements and responsibilities for travel team coaches are move extensive. To get more information, contact the appropriate Commissioner.


The Assistant Coach will assist the coach at practices and games. This assistance may simply be to help keep the team paying attention, or to provide additional knowledge of the game. The specific responsibilities are up to you and the Coach. Since you may have to take over if the Coach cannot make a game, the Rutger's Certification Course is required.

To volunteer to be an assistant coach, simply check the appropriate box on your child's registration form. Please note that all assistant coaches must abide by our background check policy.  


One person is needed to organize each grade or range of grades that will be playing together as a league. As League Head, you'll work with the Commissioner to establish the rules and schedules. You'll need to identify coaches from the people who volunteered, set up try-outs and clinics, and run the team draft according to the guidelines. Throughout the year, you'll need to convey information to coaches, reschedule games if necessary, and occasionally handle complaints from coaches and parents.

To volunteer to be a League Head, contact the appropriate Commissioner.


The Commissioners of the sports are selected from among the Directors. The Directors are elected each year and any member is welcome to run.


Referees and officials are needed for some of the sports. For older grades, adults are referees. For younger grades, children in grade 7 or older serve as the referees. These are paid positions and certification is required for each sport.

To become a referee or official, contact the appropriate Commissioner.


The recreaton committee always needs people to help with fund raisers, participate on sports-planning committees, perform clerical work, plan Opening Day ceremonies, and other activities. Requests for such help will be made through our mailing list or you may contact the appropriate Commissioner or send us e-mail.


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