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Mayor's Message


February  2020

Some fairly poor poetry will end this Message, but first, some important emergency information, and a little about our emergency volunteers.

Most importantly, don’t let the lack of snow – so far – make you complacent. Please make sure you are signed up for emergency alerts by going on and clicking on the Emergency Services button at the top of the page, and then clicking on the Two River Alert – Code Red Notifications. If you’re already signed up, take a moment a make sure your contacts are up to date.

If you have any difficulty signing up, please call borough hall for assistance. The alert system is the best way to receive emergency notifications quickly by text, email and phone calls.

Next, our public works department has sufficient equipment, manpower and resources to respond to even the heaviest snow. The department even gets to snow-covered sidewalks in some critical pathways in town, including those near schools.

However, public works cannot clear every sidewalk . If you have a sidewalk, please include it in your snow removal efforts, particularly if you are on a school route, or on a route to the train station or downtown. Helping out our all-volunteer Fire Department by clearing any snow-covered fire hydrants in your neighborhood is also always appreciated.

The LSFD, by the way, recommends that if you use gas power, clear snow from your outside dryer vents and the gas meter to prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide infiltration.

Lastly, please report power outages to JCP&L at 1-888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877), or by going to and clicking on the “view or report outages” link. Calling the police to report an outage may distract them from responding to emergency situations.

Speaking of emergency response, the Fire Department in January recognized its outgoing chief, Mike Welsh , and welcomed Peter Giblin as this year’s chief. In addition, the Fire Police recognized outgoing captain Rick Dill, and welcomed incoming captain Don Niles .

And EMS Chief Joe Colao will serve a second consecutive term this year, with Dan Kelly again serving as president of the Fire Company. Please be sure to thank these volunteers for their service.

Lastly, during our January reorganization meeting for 2020, the Borough Council allowed me – again – to read some ill-conceived poetry as a reflection on 2019 and a contemplation of things to come. With apologies to those who appreciate great literature, here it is:

No craziness or mayhem, to mark the just-passed year,

We’re lucky here in town to say, that things were (pretty much) work-a-day.

Some challenges we faced for sure, ‘cause nothin’s ever simple,

But all of you, made facing them, some fun – or at least seem doable. 

Of course we bid too many farewells, to friends who gave their all,

Bill Cigliano and Tom Pallone, who answered every call,

Senator S. “Tom” Gagliano, Claudia Bruno, and Liz Hanson,

Roger Dolan, too, has left us - we’re better having known them.

We hope they’re proud of what we’ve done, and plan to do this year,

Sidewalks, roadways, infrastructure – safety’s why we’re here.

Our library (and all it offers) received a restroom much upgraded,

And Don and AJ got it done there, when the heating kind of faded.

The cupola replaced at last, other touch-ups here and there,

New signs to welcome out-of-towners - Jackie and Nora got us there.  

Nothing rhymes with affordable housing, but we think it’s worth a mention,

Our town has immunity from builder’s suits, we got the court’s attention.

Our friends in the state and county, were there to help us through,

A grant or three, and dredging work, our partnerships ring true.

Facebook Live, and coffee talks, helped us communicate with folks,

We’ll keep it up this year – tune in! – Corinne may tell some jokes.

A deep new pond marked Parker’s year, the Homestead’s really poppin’,

From archaeological digs, to musical jams, this historic farm is hoppin’!

Little Maeve the Brave reminded us, to all be organ donors,

Her favorite park, will soon be home, to a statuary honor.

When the year closed out, we lost some folks to retirement’s sweet rest,

Mr. G and Lester Mathis - you truly are the best.

Six hundred calls to our first aid squad, we had some medical issues,

Chief Joe and his team, no matter when, saved lives, for that our thank yous.

Our fire department was on the spot, every time that things got hot,

Chief Mike and crew responded well - professionals all, as you can tell.

Our fire police, at every call, secured the scene, to help us all,

You know these folks volunteer their time, so help them out, at fund drive time!

Embury United Methodist Church, turned 150 years old,

If those walls could talk, the stories they’d tell - our town’s history, truth be told.

So many help to make our town, a special place to dwell,

Like Walter Stearns’ Memorial Day dance with his buddy, Margie O’Dell,

And Little Silver Shovels help our seniors make their way,

While Trish McDerby remembered vets, some very far away.

Coming up, new parking spaces, at Challenger, perhaps at Sickles,

And this year we’re playing kickball, and that paddle game called pickle.

We banned some plastic - our businesses helped – the hope’s to keep us green,

The EC picked up litter, and held Environmental Day, in between.

Our Board of Health helped us understand, ticks and lead and such,

Their work is keeping watch for us, we say thanks so much.

And likewise to Traffic Safety, and our folks on the Shade Tree Commission,

Their expertise and time well serves, their public service mission.

Our police locked up the bad guys, some car thieves paid the price,

And they helped catch that pup who was lost and alone – that, and saving lives.

We helped our schools with budget woes, though funding’s still elusive,

But RBR, Markham and Point remain, the very best that school is.  

Public Works mowed, and cleared the snow, and kept our town pristine,

Their work can be tough, in weather that’s rough, we’re glad they’re on our team.

We’ll remember our vets not on monuments yet, and plan a centennial bash,

Much to do coming up, we’ll rise to the task, and cut through the balderdash. 

So much was done, so much to do, thanks for listening to my poem,

I’m almost done, we’ve had some fun, and we’ll shortly get you ho-em. 

So for Corinne and Don and Christian, and for AJ, Mike and Chris,

Happy New Year to you and yours - we hope your 2020’s bliss!

On behalf of the entire governing body, we wish you a safe and happy February. As always, please call borough hall with any concerns, or contact me directly by calling my home phone at (732) 576-8595, or emailing me at