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November 9, 2006





Agenda for the regular meeting of the Planning Board of the Borough of Little Silver to be held on, Thursday, November 9, 2006 at 7:30 P.M. Borough Hall, 480 Prospect Avenue, Little Silver, New Jersey:


 1.            Statement of Compliance


 2.            Roll Call


 3.            Correspondence


4.                  Approval of Minutes:  October 17, 2006


 5.            Interpretation, Coastal Wetlands and Variance Application of Paul and Kathleen Napoli for a permit to place approximately 100 to 150 cubic yards of fill 6 to 12 inches in depth on the  property  at 740 Little Silver Point Road, Block 63, Lots 6 & 7, in the R-1 Zone where no building, structure, improvement and/or development which increases the footprint of any existing structure or building or which enlarges the ground area of development currently existing on the subject property or which is new development shall be permitted in the Coastal Flood Zone where fill is proposed below the six foot contour.  A Coastal Wetlands Application is required.  A CAFRA and/or Freshwater Wetlands (DEP) Permit is required


6.            Major Subdivision Application of Martelli Development for 19 Fox Hill Drive, Block 15, Lot 13, -2 Zone- Time waived through November 30, 2006.


 7.            Application of A&P, 507 Prospect Avenue, Block 40, Lot 36 to amend approval granted by the Planning Board on January 15, 1991 by removing a condition of approval contained in the Resolution and added Application for Amended Site Plan Approval.


8.             Resolutions:


                Application of John and Jennifer Borenius to construct a 27 by 17 two story kitchen, master bedroom and bath addition, an 8 by 6 two story mudroom and bath addition, a 10 by 6 one story rear entry addition, a 30 by 12 one story porch addition, a 27 by 25, 186 high second story addition over an existing detached garage, second floor balconies, interior renovations, fireplace and paver walkways on the  property  at 490 Little Silver Point Road, Block 65, Lot 8, in the R-1 Zone which violates the minimum required lot area of 60,000 square feet where 19,585 square feet is existing, the minimum required improved lot frontage of 160 feet where 90 feet is existing, the minimum required rear yard setback for an accessory building 685 square feet in size of 15 feet where .13 feet is existing, the minimum required side yard setback for a principal building 31 feet in height of 40 feet on each side where 22.71 feet and 23.5 feet is existing and 11 feet and 23.5 feet is proposed, accessory buildings may occupy not more than 25% of the rear or side yard area provided that such buildings shall not exceed 16 feet in height where 186 is proposed.



Application of MG Kelly Builders, 280 Norwood Avenue, West Long Branch, New Jersey   07764 to demolish the existing home, pool and shed and construct an approximately 68 by 43 2 story single family home and 14 by 15 deck on  the  property  at 34 Parker Avenue,  Block 58, Lots 6 and 7 , in the R-3 Zone which violates the minimum required lot area of 20,000 square feet where 17,500 square feet is existing.


Application of Theodore and Fabiola Kutzin to demolish a portion of the existing rear walkway and construct a 24 by 20 two story addition expanding the existing garage from two bays to four bays and enlarging the master bedroom above, a 4 by 15 one story open porch addition, interior renovations, expand the existing driveway by approximately 45 square feet and relocate the existing hot tub on  the  property  at 20 Sherwood Road, Block 13, Lot 117, in the R-2 Zone which violates the minimum required lot area of 25,000 square feet where 20,800 square feet is existing and the minimum required front yard setback of 50 feet where 42 feet is existing.


 9.            Miscellaneous


10.           Adjournment


                                                                                                Diane L. Ramsey, CLUA

                                                                                                Zoning Officer/Planning Board Secretary


Dated:  November 1, 2006