Now through Spring 2018, NJNG will be exchanging a number of natural gas meters in our community as required by the NJ Board of PUblic Utilities. Residents will be notified if their meter is scheduled to be exchanged. There is no cost to you for this service. NJNG has contracted with Precision Pipeline Solutions (PPS), a valued NJNG contractor, to perform this important safety work. 

Keep in mind, all PPS employees carry NJNG contractor photo IDs. Remember--always ask to see ID before letting anyone into your home. 

Your natural gas service must be temporarily shut off to perform this planned work. Once your new meter has been installed, PPS will need access to your home or business to relight your appliances. If you are not present when the work is completed, a door hanger will be left with instructions and the phone number to call for a relight. THank you for your patience and cooperation during this important safety work. 

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